Emip | Underground Hangars for Helicopters
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The Inner Mechanics

The hangar platform slides on six guide pillars, and is equipped with a second rotating platform to range and correct the wrong helicopter position after landing. It can work with two different mechanisms: the mechanical activation and the oil pressure activation.

The Mechanical Activation

The mechanical activation is granted by a series of gear and counterweights activated by a single electrical engine, thanks to the counterweight system that reduces the load and allows the saving of the energy.

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The Oil Pressure Activation

The oil pressure activation is granted by ram pistons inserted in every column, all of these activated by a pump.

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The Platform Cover

The platform covers slide on proper fixed rails, activated by electrical engines or hydraulic pistons. The covers are totally isolated and made of rubber against any bump.

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The Electronic

The EMIP underground hangar can work by means of phone commands or by a removable control panel.

It is possible to prepare the take off with a simple message, making the covers open and the platform rise

After the take off the whole platform closes in within few minutes.

For the landing another message is enough: The platform opens again and the guiding light turns on.

After the landing and the ranging of the helicopter, a simple message will make the platform lower and close the covers.

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