Emip | Underground Hangars for Helicopters
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The Company

EMIP srl (Electromechanical Mobile Industrial Platform) is a young company which is rocking the helicopter market with its innovative ideas.

Founded in 2015, EMIP is composed of a qualified staff, with years of experience in mechanic, aviation and electronics.

One of its bigger value is the respect for the environment, as shown in its most important project, the underground hangar for helicopters.

The Project

The underground hangar idea was born three years ago, as the founder, an experienced helicopter pilot and mechanic, faced a problem concerning himself and other pilots: it was not possible to garage helicopters near home, because building an hangar is expensive, or not allowed by the law, and the nearest garaging structures are far away.

The project takes shape with the patent request, and after the approval of the design of the underground hangar for helicopters begins.

The spirit of the idea is both that of comfort movements and fast garaging and fast take off and you have not to move the helicopter after taking off or landing and garaging is much more faster. This system also allows patrol and emergency crafts to go into action quickly and efficiently, which is surely an advantage.

The goals

EMIP expects, for the global helicopter market, leading force for its products, a real boom within ten years. Order from the developing countries, like China, Brazil and India, are expected to fill the market. The company wants to immediately spot the country on which to bet, based on a score including climate, environment characteristics, wealth and possible uses: for example by the number of heliports, after the USA, we count South Korea and Europe, then Indonesia, Russia, China, Turkey and India, so the product will immediately be introduced in the international market. The military market also represents interesting perspectives.

Along with this good market forecasts, the company expects to open a new market, the underground hangar for helicopters market, showing the project in the various international exhibitions.