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The EMIP Underground Hangar

The EMIP Underground Hangar is equipped with a mobile platform, on which the helicopter lands, which with a mechanism for descent and ascent allows the garaging of the helicopter into an underground space. This makes huge and aesthetically poor external hangars, often subject to territory or building laws, useless. The platform is also a means for moving the helicopter, preparing it for the take off and garaging it after the landing.

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The underground hangar platform descends in a waterproofed, reinforced concrete structure containing the helicopter. The underground hangar is closed by the cover mechanism, hiding it from sight and giving the illusion that there is a garden there, any environmental impact. All the operations of moving, garaging, take off and landing can be activated with a phone or with a mobile panel.

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It is possible to install the hangar on ships, if of suitable size, considering to stop the helicopters due to the ships movements (pitching, rolling).

The cover finish can be customized on ships.

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The Accessories

The EMIP underground hangar can be customized with various accessories:

Law Outlines

The project and the following realization of the system will totally observe the set of laws listed here below, to make universal and the project suitable for every State:

Besides all the above-mentioned things, the possible directions or advices of the Distributor of Electricity, the Local Health Authority and the Local Fire Department will be observed.

The used materials and devices, will be chosen among those provided with the legal CE or Italian trade-marks, or other equivalent legal mark valid in the European Community; therefore, the above said devices, which can differ from each State by law, will be defined by function and security about people and machinery are concerned, submitting the indirect inspection of the site to the contractor.